Climbing to 20 meters up in a beautiful TREE!

Imagine your feeling and imagine the view, while you’re hanging between the branches, your feet high above the ground.
In this 2-day Treeclimbing course you will learn how to use a rope and safety-harness to get you in the tree!

5 easy steps to get up there:

  • using a throwline
  • learning basic knots
  • setting up the rope
  • using a climbing harness and carabiners
  • climbing techniques to safely get up and back down

All necessary gear will be provided for you during the course.

After this course you can enter our PRO Treeclimbing course. This will teach you advanced techniques and you will be able to manouver through the canopy.

Can I climb trees?

Anyone can learn how to climb trees safely. If you can walk, then you can climb trees! The techniques that we teach need little strength. If you can use your hands and bend your knees, than you qualify for entering this exciting treeclimbing course!

Costs: NZD 545,- 
Included: coffee, tea, lunch , use of all climbing gear and certificate.

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Dates for Climbing Course

February 1-2 Ahipara, 2020

Treeclimbing is fun, exciting and relaxing.

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